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Message Posted: Thu, 25 Jan 2002 @ 05:06:44 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Teradata's operating systems
From:   Charles Farley

--- Dennis Calkins wrote:

  I guess you are asking for the Teradata Roadmap.  

Hello all-

I apolagize for using bandwidth for my personal rants, it is silly. To answer the above, yes, I am looking for the roadmap, but I'm looking for what I will probably not see from NCR (or anyone else) directly, a straight answer as to what my OS choice will be in 3 years. I understand the answer of "HP-UX", and that is fine, but I also heard "solaris" in that exact same place not 2 years ago. SO please understand my lack of faith in any vendor's roadmap. I have also seen Intel's roadmap (beyond the public released one), and it is very exciting, if I believe in bedtime stories. Timelines change, resources dry up, people lose interest, things just out and out change, so I have little use for replacing my belief in fact versus faith in a very nice promise. My main gripe on this is the instability it introduces into the Teradata product, not instability in a technical sense, but in a market sense. I'm looking down the road a few years, attempting to lay out a plan, and I cannot do this with the current state of the OS for Teradta. This should not be this big of a deal, I understand NCR's need for a good OS, one that has RAS, one that is well-known and people use commonly. I will admit that I personally would favor Linux, but I understand the reluctance, and it is justified. I cannot offer any solutions to NCR, I am in no position to do so, but I am making the plaintive cry for definition. I'd really like to see the roadmap backed up with some public announcements of beta systems inside of NCR. If they are releasing later this year, surely there are already systems running this within NCR? (THere aren't, and don't call me Shirley... *Airplane joke*) I have yet to see/hear/hear rumor of any such thing, but I will say that the second there was a whisper of Solaris, I heard of Sparc systems running Teradata within NCR, and that wasn't even the architecture they were going to use, it was just a good place to start given the devlopment timeline of Sun's Intel OS.

SO, I hate to be the bother, the burr in the shorts, whatever, and I am not angry, I am merely VERY curious and extremely interested to know what I should be planning for in the coming months. NCR can say to plan for HP-UX, but I was also told to plan for x86 Solaris, if I had done that, it would have wasted my time and money, and now, more than then, I cannot afford that. So I am asking for some very solid evidence to suggest that I look to HP-UX on Intel, because it is a leap from MP-RAS to HP-UX, many things will be different, some will be better, some will not, but I would really like to know where and when.

Thanks again to all for listening, I apolagize to those tired of this, and I thank them for their tolerance.

have a nice day,


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