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Message Posted: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 @ 22:48:37 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Teradata's operating systems
From:   Charles Farley

--- Geoffrey Rommel wrote:

  64-bit: HP-UX and Windows, uh, something-or-other. These are scheduled to be available some time in 2003, or possibly 4Q of this year. Todd said that they are not tied to any HP hardware; Linux was also mentioned. Todd said that Linux is not yet well enough accepted in production data centers, but if it ever is, they might consider it.  

Thanks for that-

And that is mostly what I have been told, however, some facts contradict what I am hearing from my friends at NCR and Intel (both of whom are telling me that HP-UX on IA-64 is going to happen). First of these is the Sun fracas, I would put Sun and HP in the same boat as a proprietary RISC based unix vendor. I have heard that HP is looking to get away from PA-RISC, but I find this unlikely, due to the merger with Compaq, they now have Tru64 unix (which is prolly going away), and they have HP-UX, and they are trying to offer Linux. All of which are competitive on their same commodity hardware, and judging from the reaction of most proprietary RISC system vendors, they don't feel the need to offer their RISC product on an Intel platform, because people tend to expect those ports for free (x86 Solaris, Linux *BSD). They want to make money off the effort put into the OS devel.. Also, I don't think HP would just jump away from their manufacturing and setups for PA_RISC and toss it all away, nor would they stretch out their efforts to a loss for specific clients that didn't want PA-RISC. I just don't see them backing away from their own platform in favor of a commodity system architecture, it doesn't make good sense to me.

Part two of this is that HP fired 120+ core kernel guys from New Jersey (this was apparently a "political" location closing), most of whom were working on the IA-64 port of HP-UX. THis would, I would guess, SERIOUSLY hinder any efforts on the OS. This factoid is from Slashdot in Sept., I would go and look for it if I were you and ask my NCR rep about that, to see if they knew.

Part three, for me anyway, is the planned deployment of their new "blade" servers, these are planned to be out with IA-32 linux first, Windows second, and HP-UX on....PA-RISC!!!!, but much later... no mention of any Linux on IA_64, even though the date for the PA-RISC ones was late 02/early 03, and Itanium is expected (from my sources at Intel) to be fully on the market in late 02. Since I know HP has a number of 64bit Intel alreadyand I could buy one from them now, why not release an OS on it that MUST be ready, if you canned all of the developers for it?!?!?!

I'm sorry, this isn't directed at anyone, I just dislike uncertainty, hence, I use Teradata, there is very little uncertainty there. I thank you all for listening, and, if I get anxious, I may post the link to the slashdot article later.



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