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Message Posted: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 @ 16:29:53 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Pondering
From:   Charles Farley

--- Anomy Anom wrote:

  How about suggesting that a nice set of earrings will close the deal. Maybe I should stay home and make some cookies instead of doing something complicated like select a database.  

I would actually suggest holding out for a timeshare in Maui and some stock, but that's me... And, if they are REALLY good cookies, and you are as smart as my significant other, why not do both? You certainly sound capable....

Kidding aside, NCR is amazing, I'm not a DBA, although I play one on TV, and I seriously doubt I could find a field staff that is half as prepared for any situation as well as so thoroughly trained as my NCR FEs and sales staff. They are truly amazing, and more to the point, helpful. Now, I will say that yours are not the same as mine, and I have never had NCR mis-represent or outright lie to me (AFAIK). I have even had them admit to a number of points that they were not overly happy to bring up, but they were forthcoming and open. Now, I do have some issues with the platform, not the least of which is my (annoying, to some) stance on their Operating System issues. I don't think they've got the best solution, and there are days I don't think they have one at all, but they are still the most stable databse we have, period. I also don't enjoy anything but their premium support options. Honestly, I see pretty much the same from every vendor on their 8x5 support options (I use HP, Sun, Sybase, Informix, etc.), but I was just more disappointed in my experience with NCR on this given the tremendous standard that NCR has set for support with it's premium support package.

Honestly, those are about the only two issues I would raise, make sure you work to get people you are comfortable with (IF you go with NCR), and make sure to budget the high end support package. Life will be better for you.

Aside from my two issues, NCR has to be one of the best vendors I 've worked with, they are extremely attentive, they have a very service oriented approach and they are, more or less, the McDonald's of Databases. You get it your way (BK, MickieD's, no difference) and they love to see you smile. I understand that they want to sell, so they HAVE to be customer oriented, but I think everyone has seen and dealt with a company that should have been and wasn't, many of them not concerned with you because you were "small potatoes" on their customer list. I have never heard this from our NCR guys, they treat us extremely well, and we are not their only client in the area, but we get treated as though we are. I couldn't ask for better.

For performance comparisons, I'd say take heed of the previous posters, they bring up excellent idea/points, do a side-by-side, also tour some other installs similar to your own, and examine your requirements VERY closely. I understand that you have probably done or considered each of these, but they bear repeating, they are essential to a project of this scale, especially in these economic times. The other rules of thumb on capacity and such I'm sure you know, so I won't bother with those, but honestly, NCR is a great company, and aside from my little quibbles about them, they are the BEST at what they do, no doubts from me.

I hope this is of some help, it's more of a rant, but oh well,


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