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2 Nov     (Tue)

[11:31]Re: Anything new at Partners? [3 Posts]
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4 Nov     (Thu)

[03:39]Dropped logtable [2 Posts]
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8 Nov     (Mon)

[18:48]Sequential attributes [5 Posts]
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18 Nov     (Thu)

[15:39]EMC backup [2 Posts]
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[17:19]Reprint Subscription Information Please [One Post]

22 Nov     (Mon)

[16:00]Subscribing to the TDATA-L Discussion Group [One Post]

23 Nov     (Tue)

[14:12]Solaris ODBC bug [One Post]
[15:47]Delimited Fastloads [2 Posts]
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24 Nov     (Wed)

[16:28]Re: Delimited Fastloads [2 Posts]
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26 Nov     (Fri)

[02:36]Delete in teradata [5 Posts]
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28 Nov     (Sun)

[11:23]Warning Message 3705 [3 Posts]
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29 Nov     (Mon)

[19:58]FROM clause [One Post]
[20:51]Obfuscated SQL is fun [3 Posts]
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30 Nov     (Tue)

[09:33]BTEQ: exportation limitation [2 Posts]
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[18:52]Fair Share Scheduler [2 Posts]
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[21:35]Re: Obfuscated SQL is fun [3 Posts]
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[22:13]BulkLoad Utility [2 Posts]
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