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Message Posted: Wed, 28 May 2008 @ 14:13:05 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Fastload & pipe delimited file
From:   Poston, Donna

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for the information. I didn't mention earlier that the example I provided was a portion of the export. I didn't list all the columns, just the beginning of the select.

We finally got this working. This only shows the first few columns of the select. The FastExport created a TEXT file with the pipe character hard-coded and the format for the Fasload was defined as VARTEXT "|"

Thanks for pointing out the mode record and null value indicators. We did as you suggested below and cast all of the columns to an equal length so variable records were not being created.

I appreciate all your help,


Fast Export Example


     .EXPORT OUTFILE /xxxx/xxxxxxx/xxxx_xxx.dat MODE RECORD FORMAT TEXT ;

               cast(cast(KSN_ID as format '999999999') as char(9))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
              ,cast(cast(ITEM_ID as format '999999999') as char(9))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
              ,cast(cast(RPT_ID as format '999999999999999') as char(15))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
              ,cast(cast(RPT_ID_SEQ_NBR as format '999') as char(3))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
              ,cast(cast(KSN_CHK_DGT as format '9') as char(1))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
              ,cast(cast(DVSN_NBR as format '999') as char(3))
              ,'|'     (CHAR(1))
             followed by more columns

     from database.name.tablename;

     .END EXPORT ;

Fastload Example


     BEGIN LOADING databasename.tablename
           ERRORFILES xxxx.ERROR_1
     DEFINE ksn_id      (varchar(09))
     ,item_id            (varchar(09))
     ,rpt_id             (varchar(15))
     ,RPT_ID_SEQ_NBR     (varchar(03))
     ,KSN_CHK_DGT        (varchar(01))
     ,DVSN_NBR           (VARCHAR(03))
     more columns


     INSERT INTO databasename.tablename
     (    ksn_id
     more columns

       VALUES (:ksn_id
     more columns  );

        END LOADING;

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