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Message Posted: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 @ 18:17:37 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Teradata utilities through DNS names
From:   Joseph D silva


well, it's sort of like this

when we say

     .logon tpd1/userid,password;

CLI takes it as an indication that our COP entries would be tpd1cop1 tpd2cop2 etc ...

So let's say CLI tries to connect to the machine with "name" tpd1cop1 ... now the actual (??) connection to a teradata server goes over TCP/IP (CLI is what you can call as the application layer in network topology.... sorry for the diversion but...)... so when CLI says gimme a connection to tdp1cop1, our dear old TCP/IP will need to translate "names" to IP addresses to actually connect to some machine.

So how does TCP/IP translate a name to an IP address ?

The popular choice ... you guessed it !... c'est le DNS server ... if you do an ipconfig /all in your PC from command prompt, you will see a listing of DNS servers (IP addresses) at the bottom which does name resolution for you ... this could be a DNS server in your company or your ISP etc ...

There are also other stuff like DNS suffixes (which you may not find always), which kind of says TCP/IP as to when you say lookup "spiderman", whether it should first look for "spiderman.hr-srvrs.mycompany.com <http://spiderman.hr-srvrs.mycompany.com>" or "spiderman.websrvrs.mycompany.com <http://spiderman.websrvrs.mycompany.com>" etc ... but again sorry for diversion.

Now yet another way is to put the Machine name - IP address mapping in the host file.

As long as tcp/ip has a way to translate a name to an IP address, that's all it cares ...

so in this case

if you have an entry in the DNS that maps

tpd1cop1.something.com <http://tpd1cop1.something.com> to the IP address

you'll get something when you say

     .logon tdp1/userid,passwd;


Oh I almost forgot... the PC/Server should be capable of DNS lookups... which is the normal case... but then again, I have seen atleast a couple of unix boxes which no one bothered to configure DNS :o ..... so you never know ..;)

Joseph D'silva

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