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Message Posted: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 @ 14:39:07 GMT

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Subj:   Multiloading different length records
From:   Anomy Anom

<-- Anonymously Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2004 10:32 -->


We are trying to Multiload a variable length file into 3 separate tables, details as follows:

File contains one Header, length 22 bytes, starting with char(2) Header ID of '10'.

Detail records can be one of 2 types, some rows are length 564, and others are 599. (1st 2 characters indicate which type).

One Trailer, length 10, starting with char(2) Trailer ID '90'.

We are trying to load the data into 3 separate tables - one Trailer table, and 2 Detail tables, and ignore the Header.

Should we be able to do this in Multiload (without adding a filler to make the rows the same length)? We have all our layouts etc. specified correctly in the script, but are getting the following error:

     14:09:36 UTY4203 Attempted to access out of range input data in field
          'DATARECORD2', file '/account/load/AC1090',record number '3'.

(The file used in the above case had only 1 detail record in it - it appear to have correctly ignored the Header (record 1), and correctly determined what to do with the detail record (record 2 - which began with 'BO'), but the trailer (record 3) is causing difficulty. Why didn't it ignore it if the first 2 characters weren't 'BO'??

Our .Import/Apply statements in this case are shown below:

     .Import Infile @INFILE@  From 2        /* Ignore Header */
       Layout Account
       Format Text
       Apply Ins_Account
           Where DataRecord1 = 'AC';

     .Import Infile @INFILE@  From 2        /* Ignore Header */
       Layout Bonus
       Format Text
       Apply Ins_Bonus
           Where DataRecord1 = 'BO';

     .Import Infile @INFILE@  From 2        /* Ignore Header */
        Layout Trailer
        Format Text
        Apply Ins_Trailer
           Where RecordType = '90';

DataRecord1 and RecordType are both Char(2) and after that the layouts differ.

Please can anyone help???


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