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Message Posted: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 @ 16:05:34 GMT

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Subj:   Re: What to do about JDBC Problems
From:   Bharat Tripathi

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Charles Farley on 06/19/2001 11:22:56 AM

To: Bharat Tripathi
Subject: Re: What to do about JDBC Problems

Hello once again-

Yep, you sound like you're on the right track, but there are going to be some pretty nasty bumps ahead. First, you've got the JDBC gateway, you're set there. You shouldn't need a webserver for that, that will run it's own server through inetd and listen for queries on whatever port you set for it on the install. All you should need to do is distribute the teradata.jar file out to whatever client machines are going to use the jdbc gateway.

Here's the painful part, you appear to want to run servlets/jsp, correct? You have most everything you need for that as well, Tomcat is excellent, and when you tie it into Apache, it is the fastest and most usable app server I've had running (I haven't tried Websphere yet, so wait for that one). The downside here is that NCR has never releasde a JDK/JVM (to my knowledge) for MP-RAS. When I asked about this a couple of years ago, they said they were working on it, but a bit ago, they had said that they were not working on that for MP-RAS (due to it's impending disappearance *sigh*). If you want to run servlets/jsp, you have to run Tomcat and Apache with a current JVM/JDK on a platform that the JDK will run on. I use Sun, Linux, *BSD (personal favorite), and HP-UX, as well as NT/2K. All of these are good for that, I would suggest that if you use M$, that you dedicate the box to that task, and no other function.

This is a sad issue, I do wish that NCR was more innovative on the Java front, but they tend to focus on the database and not so much on the access methods to it. I think they make the best products my money will buy, but I do somewhat mourn their lack of vision as to what those products can be used for. I think they have some real assets that they NEED to exploit in order to really make their name known. I have a number of developers that have no idea who or what NCR does or is for, smartasses keep asking where the big cash drawer is on the teradata system....

Allright, to re-cap, you're all set on the gateway, what you need to do is get a platfrom/box together that can run the Tomcat/Apache/JDK(JVM) combo and install the teradata.jar file on that, and write your servlets/jsps and fire away at the url for your gateway box. This is not the easiest way to do this, but it is the way it goes with the NCR gateway on MP-RAS.

Here is the answer to the "If it's a JDBC gateway and it runs on MP-RAS, why won't the JDK run there?" question:

The gateway is compiled C++ code that takes the JDBC connection/query and converts on the backside (via some neat libs) to CLI code to talk to teradata. If you wnat to see some neat stuff, fire up a query against your gateway and look at 'netstat -a | more' on your gateway. This'll show you all of the connections from your client box and the number of connections to the dns (to resolve the cops on teradata), and teh teradata connections to the tdses ports on the system. Very COol.

Thanks for your time, hope this helped, sorry for the bad news,


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