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Message Posted: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 @ 15:49:24 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Lock Display Utility
From:   Clark, Dave

The answer to your question is below. It is from a Knowledge Article:

S11000A6FE2 - How to convert session number from lokdisp output into qrysessn format



Below is a procedure to convert the session number from the lokdisp utility output into the same format that you see in querysessn or pmon

Here is sample lokdisp output which shows a session number of 12,22532

     > start lokdisp
     start lokdisp
     Started 'lokdisp' in window 1
      at Wed Aug 15 14:31:48 2001

     Input Supervisor Command:
     > root@ada# cnsterm 1

     Attempting to connect to CNS...completed.
     HelloLOCK DISPLAY UTILITY Command String Syntax:

         Help or ?
         TRan     [ProcId Uniq1 Uniq2] | [ALL]
         Db       [DBname] | [ALL]
         TAble    [DBname.Tablename] | [ALL]
         ROWRange [DBname.Tablename TypeAndIndex] | [ALL]
         ROWHash  [DBname.Tablename TypeAndIndex, RowHash1 RowHash2] | [ALL]
         Blockers [TRAN [ProcId Uniq1 Uniq2] | [ALL]] | [LIMIT [Number] | [NONE]]

     -> Please enter your selection from the list:
     > tran a
     tran a
     - The following amps are available:

         0     1

     -> Which amp(s) do you want to request on
     > A

                          GRANTED LOCK REQUEST(S):

     Tran: 16298 01520CB0
     Host:  1076 Session:    12,22532 Mode: WR   User: EPDWC021

     Database: DBC                             Table: SESSIONTBL

     Row Hash1: 53984,33413

     To convert this number into the format that qrysessn uses do the following:

     Suppose we get session number 12,22532.

     Multiply  the first part before the comma (12) by 65536 then add to that the number after
     the comma (22532).

     (12 * 65536) + 22532 = 808964

     Here is sample qrysessn output:

      Host   Session  PE     DBC User ID
      -----  -------  -----  -------------------------------
         52   808964  16298  EPDWC021

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