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Message Posted: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 @ 21:28:42 GMT

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Subj:   Concurrency of TDWM Query
From:   White, Linda

Our query to determine account concurrency at any one time is here. I have changed usage of StartTime to be the firststeptime based on responses in this forum. The nabled TDWM query limit for the CSGBO accounts is 15 and yet the results of this query show that there are more active queries than the limit of 15.

     Select AcctString, YY, MM, DD, HHH, MINU,SECO, Count(*) As
     Select AcctString, extract(year From firststeptime) As YY,
     extract(month From firststeptime) As MM,
     extract(day From firststeptime) As DD,
     extract(minute From firststeptime) As MINU,
     extract(second From firststeptime) as SECO,
     Cast(collecttimestamp As date) As Logdate
     , CAST((extract(hour
       From firststeptime)) *3600 + (extract(minute
       From firststeptime)) *60 + (extract(second
       From firststeptime) ) AS DEC(8,2)) As Startsecs,
       From FirstRespTime)*3600 + extract(minute
       From FirstRespTime)*60 + extract(second
       From FirstRespTime) AS DEC(8,2)) As Endsecs
     dba_data.ge_qry_logV a
     Group By 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
     Having endsecs-startsecs >= 0) m
     , (sel csum(1,1) As pos
     ,(pos - 1) * 60 As PIT
     ,( pit / 3600) As HHH
       From sys_calendar.CALENDAR
     Qualify csum(1,1) <= 1440
     ) x
     Where ( logdate > '2008-02-11' )
     And AcctString like '%CSGBO%'
     And startsecs <= PIT
     And Endsecs > PIT
     Group By 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7
     Order By 1,2,3,4,5,6;

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