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Message Posted: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 @ 13:54:11 GMT

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Subj:   Dbscontrol ( Cylinder Saved for Perm )
From:   william.gregg

This past weekend, a user with (far, far, far, and one more time for effect, far) too much spool triggered the mini-cyl-pack process.

Upon investigation, evidence that the mini-cyl-pack process was run was found in the logs (SOURCE A), but there were no rows documenting the activity in the Software Event Log (SOURCE B).

???Any thoughts why the Software Event Log does not document the recent event???

Note: The SW_Event_Log shows this sort of activity on 2007-01-14. There is no scheduled purge of these logs in DBC.

I have continued a thread from 2005-June that documents Sources A and B. (thanks to Dennnis Calukin and Robert Diehl for their contribution at that time.)

By the way the offending user and a couple of others with gobs (a highly technical term) of spool have been assigned smaller amounts.


You can tell if you are getting Defrags and Minicylpacks

going on your system by checking your /var/adm/streams

log on MPRAS or the event viewer on Windows.

     5141 Mini-Cylinder Pack freed cylinders in anticipation of their use

     5142 Mini-Cylinder Pack freed cylinders while tasks were waiting for them

     5143 Mini-Cylinder Pack was not able to free any cylinders

     5166 Defragment of cylinder[s] occurred


Another way to find mini cylinder packs is to run a query against the software event log. Below is a query. You don't really need the like '514%', but this gives a little more information about the reason to for the mini-cyl packs.

     select thedate
            ,sum (case when text like '5141%' then 1
                      else 0
                      end) as  E5141_Anticipation
            ,sum (case when text like '5142%' then 1
                      else 0
                      end) as E5142_Tasks_Waiting
            ,sum (case when text like '5143%' then 1
                      else 0
                      end) as E5143
     from dbc.software_event_log
     where text like '%mini-cylinder%' and text like '514%'
     group by 1
     order by 1 desc

As always, thanks in advanced for your help.

Bill Gregg

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