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Message Posted: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 @ 09:57:31 GMT

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Subj:   Sample odbc application
From:   Srikanth Kappagantula


Anyone can provide me sample odbc application to connect to Teradata. I have developed the code. But it was giving an error Provider not found..

Pls. help.

I enclose the code for your review.

     Private objConn As New ADODB.Connection    'Connection...
     Private objRS As New ADODB.Recordset    'Recordset...
     Private objErr As ADODB.Error    'Errors...

     Sub Auto_open()

     'Connect to database using DSL set in the ODBC setup...
     objConn.Open "Provider=Teradata;Driver=teracon; Server=10.180.442.24;
     Database=dbc; UID=a567014; PWD=sdsdsd"
     'Check for errors...
     If objConn.State = adStateOpen Then    'If connection succeeded, continue...

         objRS.Open "SELECT * FROM dbc.tables;", objConn    'Issue SQL statement

         If Not objRS.EOF And Not objRS.BOF Then    'Check for End or Beginning of File
             Debug.Print objRS!State_Name    'Print the contents of the field...
         End If

         objRS.Close    'Close the recordset...


         'Display errors..
         For Each objErr In objConn.Errors
             Debug.Print objErr.Description

     End If

     'Release connection to database...
     Set objRS = Nothing
     Set objConn = Nothing
     End Sub

Thanks and regards,

Srikanth K.

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