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Message Posted: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 @ 16:38:18 GMT

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Subj:   SQL Assistant interferes with other apps
From:   Christopher.Hamilton

Along with a coworker, I have been experiencing performance problems associated with Queryman/SQL Assistant v 6.1.0. Internet searches, including archives here, haven't turned up other reports of anything similar so far.

With Queryman running a query in the background, OTHER applications run sluggishly, particularly on shell-level operations such as displaying "Open File..." dialogs, ALT-TABing between applications, or double-clicking on a file from explorer/desktop/etc. Once the file is open, or another application is brought to the top, things run normally and smoothly. It is only these shell-level operations where there are problems.

The delay is always detectable when Queryman is running, and is usually on the order of a second or two; however there have been times when I have waited for nearly a minute just to get an "Open File..." dialog in Excel.

The problem grows worse when I have multiple Queryman sessions running at once. It does not happen if Queryman is idle, but if the little guy's sunglasses are red (query submitted; waiting for results; processing results) then the problem is there. Queryman is the only common thread I can find.

Task manager reports no unusual resource utilization, either for the machine as a whole or for Queryman. The processor never breaks a sweat, no spikes in memory usage, thread counts, or network activity.

My machine is a new Dell GX280 workstation. The other machine having this problem is an older Dell laptop. Both run up-to-date WinXP.

This is annoying enough that I'm ready to start tracing library calls to see what's going on, but first I thought I'd ask around here. Anyone else ever have this problem?

(Queryman's editor window also acts extremely weird on scrolling when a query is running. I've learned to do all of my editing in TextPad because of this, so this is a minor issue, except that it might provide someone with a clue.)

Thank you,


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