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Message Posted: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 @ 09:30:14 GMT

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Subj:   TD SQL Exam: Doubts
From:   Anomy Anom

<-- Anonymously Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2005 04:24 -->

Hello All,

I was going thru the parctice tests in one of the sites. Came across below questions. Am not sure why certain answers are marked wrong or correct!! Would appreciate if experts could throw light on the below marked correct/ incorrect/missed. I've indeed gone through the SQL reference books provided as a part of the documentation but couldnt find answers!

1. Which of the following would cause the Macro UPDROW to run:

     EXEC MACRO UPDROW(:'abc', :123); (MISSED)
     EXEC MACRO UPDROW VALUES('abc', 123);
     EXEC UPDROW VALUES('abc', 123);
     EXEC UPDROW ('abc', 123); (INCORRECT)
     EXEC UPDROW (:'abc', :123)

2. How can you UPDATE a table without using UPDATE? (Select 2)

     By Using a Self Join. (MISSED) -- HOW???
     By Using a Nested Join.
     By using a Macro. (INCORRECT)
     By using a Volatile Temporary Table.
     By using a View. (CORRECT)

3. Consider the following SQL:

     SELECT region, state, store_number, total_sales
     WITH sum(total_sales) BY region,
     Avg(total_sales), Sum(total_sales)
     From Sales_Table;

What will be returned if this query is run?

     Total sales by store with subtotals by state within region.
     Total sales by state within region.
     Total sales by store with subtotals by region and average and total
        sales within state. (MISSED)
     Total sales by region within state. (INCORRECT)
           --  I choose it based on GUESS. but is there a way the above
               select can run??

4.What would you use to extract Ben from the words Ben Johnson?

     Substring (INCORRECT) -- why not?? select substring('Ben Johnson' from 1 for 3)
     Coalesce (MISSED)

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