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Message Posted: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 @ 09:17:17 GMT

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Subj:   Few queryies on PE, Dispatcher, Hash map, PDE and Session
From:   Vidyasagar_Nagarajan


I have couple of doubts in Teradata Architecture it would be helpful for me if some one can answer this.

1) Which one among the below 2 set are components of PE.

Till know i was assuming that Set 1 are the function's done at PE but i was able to find the 2nd SET also in Introduction to Teradata RDBMS.pdf which i downloaded from NCR url.

In that pdf at 2 different places i was able to find this two sets which looks contrary.

Set 1

1) Session Control.
2) Parser
3) Optimizer
4) Generator
5) Dispatcher

Set 2

1) Parser
2) Optimizer
3) Generator
4) Dispatcher

2) What are all the tasks that Dispatcher will do?

3) Do Hash Algorithm resides with in PE?.

4) Do dispatcher will hold the details like to which AMP it should go and fetch the data?

5) Where Hash map resides and what are all the task it will do?.

5) Where PDE will be located in case of SMP & MPP?

6) What is session in Teradata and how do the work in case of single logon with Multiple sessions (for eg in MLOAD we use to set SESSIONS 10?.)

7) if I log on into Teradata using any one of its client( viz queryman, Bteq, WinDDI,... is that also consider to a session. If so then how does it differs from Multiple session that is used in Mload, Fast Load ...

Thanks & Regards,

Vidya Sagar.N

Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

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