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Message Posted: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 @ 16:31:48 GMT

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Subj:   Mload question
From:   Grenwelge, Bill A.

In doing an mload update to a table with a NUPI, what would cause the mload to put all the rows in the work table on the same amp?

I am doing some testing for a process change - basically going from keeping the same data for 13 months and changing the period_end_dt to just updating the existing data's period_end_dt or inserting a new row if key fields have changed. I am testing the update atm, but it is dumping all the data for the work table onto the same amp. The index in the table is unique for one month of data, but I made it non-unique since it could get the same index values again if the other data changes from month to month.

here is the update statement I am using.

     update dwdata.customer_test
     set period_end_dt = 1030831
     where Party_ID = ':Party_Id' <- Index value
     and party_type_cd = ':Party_Type_Cd' <- Index Value
     and (Federal_Withholding_cd = ':Federal_Withholding_Cd'
           or Federal_Withholding_cd is null)
     and (officer_nbr = ':Officer_Nbr'
           or officer_nbr is null)
     and (regulation_o_cd = ':Regulation_o_cd'
           or regulation_o_cd is null)
     and (Restricted_ind = ':Restricted_ind'
           or restricted_ind is null)
     and (Risk_Class_cd  = ':Risk_Class_Cd'
           or risk_class_cd is null)
     and (Special_Handling_cd = ':Special_Handling_cd'
           or special_handling_cd is null)
     and (Tax_Information_Update_dt = :Tax_Information_update_dt
           or Tax_Information_Update_dt is null)
     and (Segment_cd = ':Segment_Cd'
           or Segment_cd is null)
     and (User_cd_3 = ':User_cd_3'
           or User_cd_3 is null)
     and (User_cd_4 = ':User_Cd_4'
           or User_cd_4 is null)
     and (User_cd_5 = ':User_CD_5'
           or User_cd_5 is null)
     and (User_cd_6 = ':User_Cd_6'
           or User_cd_6 is null)
     and (Las_Max_Liability = :Las_Max_Liability
           or Las_Max_Liability is null)
     and (Credit_Rating = ':Credit_Rating'
           or Credit_Rating is null)
     and (Credit_Rated_By = ':Credit_Rated_By'
           or Credit_Rated_by is null)
     and (Date_Last_Credit_rpt = :Date_Last_Credit_Rpt
           or Date_Last_Credit_rpt is null);

Most of these fields can/do contain nulls in the table, which is were i pulled my test set of data from so I have to have the 'is null' check in the update so it will match on the records. If anyone has seen this type of behavior before and can give me a hint or two as to what I can do to get around it, I would grateful.

Bill Grenwelge

Data Warehouse - Lead Teradata DBA
Union Planters Bank

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