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Message Posted: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 @ 19:15:02 GMT

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Subj:   PSF questions
From:   Perrior, Shelley

Some questions about Priority Scheduler (V2R5), ceilings etc. I hope some of you can share some of your experience in this area.

Our current setup:

We have defined all five Resource Partitions and associated Performance Groups and Allocation Groups in the default manner i.e. Performance Groups 0-7 have associated Allocation groups 1-4, PG's 8 - 15 have AG's 40 - 43. We have moved all client accounts and batch accounts to a partition we call "general" RP1 by modifying their account login string. RP's currently set at 100 and 75 (default\system partition and general\client partition) respectively. The other three partitions are not in use. Typically our system is available to application and client accounts from 7AM - 7PM and available to batch-ETL accounts from 7PM - 7AM. Client applications typically limit client use from 7AM - 7 PM.

We are about to add 2 Nodes and go from 6 nodes to 8 nodes; and, we want to limit the client resources to 75% (the original 6 nodes) until the apps come on board that require these extra resources - but - we want to allow the batch accounts used for ETL and archiving full use of the resources.

What we are planning:

Move the batch accounts to the 3rd resource partition, call it "Batch", set a weight of 90. These accounts will use the system, mostly, from 7PM - 7AM - at night they should have close to full resources but we always plan to give the "default\system" partition the most resources - if it needs them.

For this batch partition we will setup the PG, performance periods, based on time-of-day i.e. 07:00 AM until 7PM

We will set the General\Client partition to a 75% limit using the new V2R5 feature which allows you to place a limit at RP Level.

Account strings will be modified to add $M2$ - placing the batch accounts in Performance Group 18 - initially associated with Allocation group 81.


Couldn't find a great deal of info on the syntax related to a "Time" performance period - does the following example look about right - PG 18 will use AG 81 until 07:00 at which time it will switch to AG 80?

Do I need to add the $L2$ to the account string? Since it is the performance period which makes the switch I wasn't sure I needed this 2nd PG association in the account string? I believe that I do need it but not sure?

Will the other allocation groups interfere in the weighting algorithm; especially were it relates to the new V2R5 RP ceiling limit - this is why I have set the associated AG's to 1 - to take them out of the equation - I don't think they would be factored in but wasn't sure?

Any thoughts on the RP weightings: Default-RP0 = 100 (relative weight), General-RP1 = 75 (RP ceiling limit 75 as well), Batch- RP2 = 90 (Relative weighting)?


schmon -b 1 Default 100 (this already configured - remaining would be modifications)

schmon -b 1 General 75 75

schmon -b 2 Batch 90

schmon -a 40 N DEF 1

schmon -a 41 N DEF 100

schmon -a 42 N DEF 1

schmon -a 43 N DEF 1

schmon -a 80 N DEF 25

schmon -a 81 N DEF 100

schmon -a 82 N DEF 1

schmon -a 83 N DEF 1

schmon -p 18 M2 2 2 T 0700 81 1900 80

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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