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Message Posted: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 @ 15:00:32 GMT

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Subj:   MSAccess Date Parameter Queries Against Linked TD tables
From:   Balchunas, John

Our users have accessed Teradata linked tables through MSAccess via ODBC for years with great success. It is our major tool for launching queries by hundreds of users. Many queries restrict returned rows by using dates. So this problem is critical for us.

Recently we have noticed that parameter driven queries that used to work against columns defined as DATE result in either an error message "ODBC - Date out of range" or "ODBC - Call failed."

Parameter queries are created by inserting something like [Enter Birth Date] in the criteria row of the QBE. When the query is launched, the user is prompted to enter a date. These fail. I have tried using every date format known to mankind with no success, so it's not a formatting problem.

But If I enter the date manually into the same query such as 10/29/1996, it works just fine.

This seemed to occur as we migrated from Win97 to WIN98 and WIN2K professional and even XP.

At the same time we have been migrating ODBC from 02.02.03 to 2.8 where we have stopped because of all the noise on this forum about 3.1.x.

We have been on V2R3 the entire time and still are.

I have trapped the ODBC error message and no more information is available. I have installed Office 2000 SP2 & 3 with no difference. I have installed Windows SP2 & 3 with no difference.

We have checked the regional date settings and they are identical. We have the same ODBC 2.8.0 settings of Session Mode: System default and Date Time Format: III.

But last week I went into one office with two PC's - both on WIN98. One used parameter queries successfully and it was running ODBC

On the other PC, the parameter query failed and the only difference was that it was running ODBC which I have always thought to be rock solid and which I have on my PC.

The finger seemed to be pointed toward the NCR ODBC driver, so I thought I would replace ODBC 2.08 on my PC with an earlier version of ODBC and see if it would work with a parameter date query. No such luck. The ADD/Remove files said it killed 2.08, but it was still there in the Drivers tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator and queries continue to run afterwards - rebooting did not help. I cannot kill ODBC driver 2.08 even when I try to load ODBC 02.02.03 over it. It is acting like Dracula and will not die.

So two (2) problems. MSAccess Date parameter queries do not work and I cannot kill ODBC 2.08 to verify its caused by the NCR ODBC driver.

Has anyone run into this problem or have any "silver bullets"?

John Balchunas
Database Administrator
Jefferson County Public Schools
Louisville, KY

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