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Message Posted: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 @ 23:01:47 GMT

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Subj:   Re: New Years Wish List
From:   John Hall

1. In BTEQ: Set a more reasonable maximum line length for .SET WIDTH. The maximum was set back when the Teradata (DBC-1012) was based on an 8086. Even then, I don't know why the limit was set so low, but computers have changed a lot since the 80's. I don't think that there is anybody on the List who hasn't either spent hours trying to figure-out a way around the current maximum or worked with somebody who was spinning their wheels over it.

2. An automatic abort for sessions that are severely skewed (hot AMPing). Maybe I'm being cranky, but I think that any hot AMPing session that has run long enough to impact the machine is unlikely to be working correctly and should be cancelled after some reasonable period of time (where reasonable is measured in minutes).

I would like to have a flag that I could set at the user level which simply prohibits the user from proceeding with any work where the work has skewed to just a few AMPs for some period of time (a programmable time limit, in minutes, would be nice).

When a hot-AMP situation is detected, then the work is summarily aborted. Let's face it, I would prefer to explain to a mad user why their query was cancelled than have to explain to everybody else why the Teradata appeared to be hung.

3. I would like to see some changes with the EXPLAIN: like being able to control the amount of detail and language. There are times when I wish there was more detail about the work load:

- What costs impacted the join and index strategies.

- What columns are being put into any given spool file. I realize that I can figure that out from the query, but the parser has that information and so why can't it included right in the EXPLAIN text?

On the flip-side, most users find the EXPLAIN too terse and technical. I would like to see a more detailed EXPLAIN with simpler language. It's fine to chant at the users about doing an EXPLAIN, but what are they going to do with it if they don't understand what it's saying to them?

These are competing needs and so the need to be settable. I realize that this is easier said than done, but it is a wish list isn't it?

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