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Message Posted: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 @ 19:41:29 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Mysterious column in AccessRights
From:   Geoffrey Rommel

  My own experience is that it contains the Creator ID (the DATABASEID for the Creator):  

sel d1.databasename (named DBName)
  , t.tvmname       (named TBLName)
  , d2.databasename (named CreatorName)

  from dbc.dbase   d1
     , dbc.dbase   d2
     , dbc.tvm     t

  where t.createuid = d2.databaseid
    and t.databaseid = d1.databaseid

order by 1,2;
  ... Since my experience is by experimentation, does it fit your findings?  

Thanks for the reply, John. As I understand it, you are suggesting that DBC.AccessRights.CreateUID is the creator of the object, i.e. the same as the CreateUID from DBC.TVM for that object. This would be a nightmarish violation of 3NF but is certainly possible. I believe, however, that we can eliminate that possibility by running this query (I am bypassing '0C0B'xb, a very prolific creator of objects on our system, to avoid skewing):

     select t.databaseid, t.tvmid, t.createuid,
       a.databaseid, a.tvmid, a.createuid
     (sel *
      from dbc.tvm
      where createuid <> '00000c0b'xb) t,
     (sel *
      from dbc.accessrights
      where createuid is not null
        and createuid <> '00000C0B'xb) a
     where t.databaseid = a.databaseid
      and t.tvmid = a.tvmid
      and t.createuid <> a.createuid;

I then get many rows like this:

     <-- TVM -------------------- CreateUID>  <-- AccessRights -------------
     00003D33  0D0005050000   00000000  00003D33   0D0005050000   00000B0B
     0000F704  0D001C060000   0000D506  0000F704   0D001C060000   00008D04
     00003D33  0D00A0040000   00000000  00003D33   0D00A0040000   00000B0B
     0000ED04  0C00F1FE0000   00007806  0000ED04   0C00F1FE0000   00008D04
     0000F507  0C0000A60000   00000000  0000F507   0C0000A60000   0000F603
     00000100  00000A040000   00000100  00000100   00000A040000   00008D04
     00003D33  0D006B050000   00000000  00003D33   0D006B050000   00000B0B
     00009F0A  0C00276B0000   00009C0A  00009F0A   0C00276B0000   00008D04
     00000100  0C00019E0000   00000100  00000100   0C00019E0000   00008D04
     00003D33  0D0056050000   00000000  00003D33   0D0056050000   00000B0B
     00009F0A  0C0093530000   00009C0A  00009F0A   0C0093530000   00000100
     0000F704  0D001E060000   0000D506  0000F704   0D001E060000   00008D04

As you can see, the CreateUID's don't match. (How can a table be created by ALL?) Also, many AccessRights are held on table 'All' (= 0), which is not created by anyone.

I guess I'm still stumped.

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