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Message Posted: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 @ 23:08:20 GMT

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Subj:   DBD::TdatFile
From:   Dean Arnold

Hi all-

I've whipped up another little Perl DBD that some of you may find useful for handling those day-to-day Teradata-related scripting chores. DBD::TdatFile provides a DBD interface for reading/writing Teradata Import/Export format files (i.e., <2 byte length>).

It uses a very limited set of SQL:

CREATE TABLE filename (column-defs)

DROP TABLE filename

SELECT ... FROM filename

INSERT INTO filename VALUES(...)

but most of the DBI interfaces are supported, including some array binding interfaces that are currently in the works for DBI.

I've tested it on both Win98 w/ Perl 5.6 and Linux PPC on an iMac w/ Perl 5.005, so it should be fairly platform/version safe.

If you're interested, peruse www.home.earthlink.net... and then drop me an email. Be sure to state whether you want the ZIP or .tar.gz version (or both). I won't be posting this to CPAN, since it's a highly specialized module.

But be advised I'm looking for a little quid pro quo...

I've been working on a BTEQ emulator (see www.home.earthlink.net... ) that supports some nice extras like

- non-Teradata database (via DBI/DBD) support

- distributed INSERT...SELECT... and CREATE TABLE table FROM some-other-database

- fastload, fastexport and PM API support

- generation of barcharts, piecharts, line graphs, and scattergraphs

- CGI-friendly, i.e., detects CGI environment and adapts accordingly

- loop control flow (i.e., backward GOTO's)

- an updated version of DBD::Teradata that provides better performance, reliability, and more DBI-compatible interfaces for fastload, fastexport, and PM API.

If you'd like a copy of DBD::TdatFile (or even if you don't, but are just curious), review the PTEQ web page above and send me a note indicating

1) If you or your client would have a use for PTEQ

2) If you'd find it useful, list the features of particular interest OR If you don't have a use for it, let me know why.

I promise I'll send DBD::TdatFile regardless of positive or negative reaction. I just need feedback to decide if its worth continuing my efforts, or if its time to toss it on the scrapheap and go get a real job...

I promise not to spam you...I just think PTEQ would be a useful tool for lots of sites, but I might be deceiving myself.


Dean Arnold

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