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Message Posted: Fri, 19 Jun 2015 @ 12:34:29 GMT

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Subj:   Re: CPU Usage for a query in %
From:   Sridhar K


I was looking for similar info on Total Available CPU and Disk IO to create a system dashboard. But I couldn't find any info on Total Disk IO available.

There were some suggestions only on calculating Total Disk IO done for the CPU used. In simple words - time taken by each Disk IO.

Lesser the Average time for Disk IO, more good is the system/workload.

Generally, CPU time of less than 2 ms per IO is considered good.

So, as per my understanding there is no Total Available Disk IO as such.

Please correct if I am wrong.

Someone asked,

  How to calculate the total CPU (total available CPU) of the system?  

This is how I calculated system and Account level CPU and IO Performance.

System level CPU from ResUsageSpma.

Total CPU:

     SUM(CPUUExec) As TotalUserCPU
     SUM(CPUUServ) AS TotalSystemCPU
     TotalUserCPU + TotalSystemCPU AS TotalCPUUsed

     (SUM(CPUUServ+CPUUExec)/SUM(CPUIdle+CPUIoWait+CPUUServ+CPUUExec)*100) AS

Total IO Done:

     SUM(FileAcqReads+FilePreReads+FileWrites) AS TotalPhysicalDiskIO
     SUM(FileAcqs+FileWrites+FilePres) AS TotalLogicaDiskIO

TotalCPUUsed /TotalPhysicalDiskIO gives Time taken for each diskIO

Account/User level CPU from AmpUsage.

     Sum(cputime) as  AccountCPUUsed
     AccountCPUUsed /(TotalUserCPU from ResusageSpma)*100 gives Account CPU Used Percentage
     Sum(diskio) as UserLogicalDiskIO
     CPUUsed /UserLogicalDiskIO gives Time taken for each LogicalDiskIO

There is no physical IO values in AmpUsage, so have to do some comparisons with ResusageSpma IO values to get some approx. Physical IO rates.

Please let me know if anything is wrong in above calculations. This will help me to correct my dashboard.

This dashboard I use to report Daily and Hourly CPU/ IO usage at system level and also on individual accounts level to higher management.

Thanks & Regards,

Sridhar K

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