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Message Posted: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 @ 15:29:24 GMT

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Subj:   Re: Casting to integer with ** operator resulting incorrect
From:   Dieter Noeth

Geoffrey Rommel wrote:

  select 10**4;
In Teradata Studio, this result is shown as 10000.0. The '.0' on the end tips us off that this is actually a floating-point number

TYPE(10**4) returns FLOAT.

I agree that, 10**4 as a float might be truncated to 9999 due to known issues for floating point numbers.

  select power(10,4);
This result is shown as 10000 (no trailing '.0'), so it is almost certainly an integer

TYPE(POWER(10,4)) returns NUMBER.

And now for something (not) completely different:

FLOAT has 15 digits accuracy while NUMBER should have 38.

select 2**63, power(2,32) * power (2,31), power(2,63);

     *** Query completed. One row found. 2 columns returned.
     9.22337203685478E 018   -- 2**63 -- FLOAT, of course wrong
     9223372036854775808    -- power(2,32) * power (2,31) -- NUMBER, correct
     9223372036854776000    -- power(2,63)  -- NUMBER, wrong

The internal calculation for POWER seems to based on FLOATs, too, it returns only a fake NUMBER, ouch.


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