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Message Posted: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 @ 10:26:26 GMT

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Subj:   Export error: EOF encountered before end of record
From:   Abdelnaim Rashad Ahmed

Hi All

When I run fast export script below

     .LAYOUT UsingData ;
     .FIELD YER  * varchar(4);
     .FIELD mnth * varchar(2);
     .IMPORT INFILE D:\Export\fono\alex\parm.txt FORMAT VARTEXT ','  LAYOUT UsingData ;
     .EXPORT OUTFILE D:\Export\fono\alex\fonalx200912_200909n.txt Format text MODE record; sel
                extract(year from NOMINAL_BILL_DATE)  (format '9(4)') (char(4))yearofbill,
                extract(month from NOMINAL_BILL_DATE) (format '9(2)') (char(2)) monthofbil,
                connect_date (format 'YYYYMMDD') (char(9)) ,
                connect_hour (format 'Z99') (char(3)),
                connect_minute (format 'Z99') (char(3)),
                connect_sec (format 'Z99') (char(3)),
                cast(revenue_hour as Decimal(10,0))(format 'Z999') (char(4)),
                cast(revenue_minute as Decimal(10,0))(format 'Z99') (char(3)),
                cast( revenue_second as Decimal(10,0))(format 'Z99') (char(3)),
                cast(caller_area as Decimal(3,0))(format 'Z999') (char(4)),
                cast(a_number as Decimal(8,0))(format 'Z99999999') (char(9)),
                cast(b_number as Decimal(11,0))(format 'Z99999999999') (char(12)),
                cast(revenue_amount  as Decimal(11,0))(format 'Z9999999') (char(8))

      from  te_cldm_main.cdrs_fono_details_IRB a,irbd06.IPGRFPINVOICEHEADER b  where
           a.ACCOUNT_NUM = b.ACCOUNT_NUM and
           a.event_SEQ = b.BILL_SEQ  and
           extract(year from connect_date) = 2009 and
           extract(month from connect_date) = 9 and
           caller_area in ('3','46')
           and yearofbill = :YER   and monthofbil = :mnth;


And the data in the file parm.txt is writing by hand in textfile 2009,12 This error occurred

UTY4015 Access module error '35' received during 'read' operation on record number '33': 'EOF encountered before end of record'

plz I need your advice

thanks and regards

Abdelnaim Rashad
Data Warehouse Team

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