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Message Posted: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 @ 22:52:02 GMT

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Subj:   Problem with Tpump
From:   Ramaswamy, K


I am having a problem with loading data into teradata tables using Tpump. The process for loading which is present in the installation I am working on is as follows:

a) A cobol program extracts data from db2 tables and loads it into a MQ queue.

b) There is one C program which has declarations for the table structure for the data coming from the MQ and for the data to be loaded into Teradata. This C program does the mapping between the Db2 table fields and the Teradata table fields. For this, the C program takes the Db2 table data from the MQ and then puts into the tpump queue after mapping the data

c) The tpump reads the data in the normal manner.It then calls macros which load the target teradata tables using the fields given by the layout of the tpump.

The above process takes data from about 30 db2 tables and loads it into 23 teradata tables all with a single tpump script.

The problem I am having is as below:

There is a table which is already getting loaded using the above process. I have to add 9 columns to it and load the 9 columns. I am able to load data upto the third additional column, but after I add the 4th column or more, either I get junk values from the 4th column onwards or the entire table does not have any data added to it. During all these errors, there are no error messages or anything in the job logs or no indication of what the problem is in any error tables or so.

Note: This table does not have the largest record length. This table with which I am having problems is having a record length of 219, but the largest table has a record length of 544 and it is getting loaded successfully. I also do not feel that it is an issue with the table because I try loading data into other tables as well, but that is also not happening.

Ne ideas as to where to start looking to fix this problem and what steps to be taken to resolve? is it an issue with the capacity of the MQ or is it some bug in the C program?

I am not able to run the cobol program in a line by line manner because xpediter in this mainframe installation does not have a mq compatible compiler and the same is the issue with the C program as well. I also tried to see the values of the columns of the c program by putting printf and log_entry, but that is also not giving any values as output in the sysout.

thanks and regards,


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