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Message Posted: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 @ 21:14:14 GMT

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Subj:   Multiple record types using mload
From:   Kopuuravuri, Ramu

How to load the data with multiple record types using mload or fastload?

i.e I have multiple records with different no of columns

     row 1 : 3 columns
     row 2 to 10 : 4 columns
     row 3 : 2 columns

Hear ineed to load the data into 3 tables like tab_a,tab_b and tab_c

I'm trying to create .LAYOUT like

     .FILLER Indicator 1 Datatype
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_a_col_1
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_a_col_2
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_a_col_3

     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_b_col_1
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_b_col_2
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_b_col_3
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_b_col_4

     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_c_col_1
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_c_col_2
     .FIELD  F_name * Datatype_tab_c_col_3

And I have '|' delimited file

Sample File data


Based on A,B and C I need to load into tab_a,tab_b and tab_c

In .import mode I try to give FORMAT as '|' with VARTEXT and multiple APPLY conditions. i.e APPLY lable_dml where Indicator= 'A' etc..

I'm facing the error like

"Not enough fields in vartext data record number: 1"

hear in first row has only 3 columns... so no of fields is not sufficient for .LAYOUT ... so how to FILLER the records based on the A,B and C?

Can u please help me out how to provide a solution for this issue?

Thanks in Advance,


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