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Message Posted: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 @ 15:17:30 GMT

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Subj:   Inconsistent Behavior of SQL passed through ODBC connection.
From:   Barner Eric

I have a question for the Forum.

I have noticed some inconsistent behavior when trying to tql queries with comments inside SQL statements for analysis.

We have tried both /**/ and -- for several queries.

Most work, but sometimes the comments are stripped somewhere between SQL Assistant (or BOBJ) the ODBC connection.

I am using ODBC , with SQL assistant

I have run the same query twice, and when I look at the session monitor, I have seen it with the comment, and then without?

Does this have anything to do with Caching, or is this just an ODBC rewrite /translation issue?

This query generally ( once it worked) does not make it through ODBC with out the comments being stripped.

Any ideas?

     /* FQJQuery11 */
           , PO1.Company_Code
           , Count(Distinct(PO1.Purchase_Order_Num)) as PO_Automated_Cnt
     FROM Edwsc.Consolidated_Service_Cntr      as CO1
     JOIN EDWSC.Purchase_Order_CDC AS PO1
     ON CO1.Company_code = PO1.Company_code
     AND CO1.Child_COID         = PO1.COID
     AND CO1.Procuring_Ind = 'Y'
     JOIN Edwsc.Facility_Vendor_CDC as FV
     ON PO1.Company_Code = FV.Company_Code
     AND PO1.Source_System_Code = FV.Source_System_Code
     AND PO1.Facility_Vendor_Num = FV.Facility_Vendor_Num
     AND PO1.Vendor_Type_Code = FV.Vendor_Type_Code
     AND FV.Active_DW_Ind = 'Y'
     JOIN EDWSC.PO_Line_Item_CDC PI1
     ON PO1.Company_Code             = PI1.Company_Code
     AND PO1.Coid                     = PI1.Coid
     AND PO1.Source_System_Code       = PI1.Source_System_Code
     AND PO1.Purchase_Order_Num       = PI1.Purchase_Order_Num
     AND PO1.Purchase_Order_Date_Time = PI1.Purchase_Order_Date_Time
     AND PI1.Active_DW_Ind = 'Y'
     JOIN EDWSC.Par_Location_Bin_CDC PLB
     ON PI1.Company_Code = PLB.Company_Code
     AND PI1.Coid = PLB.Coid
     AND PI1.Dept_Num = PLB.Dept_Num
     AND PI1.Par_Class_Code = PLB.Par_Class_Code
     AND PI1.Facility_Item_Num = PLB.Facility_Item_Num
     AND PLB.Active_DW_Ind = 'Y'
     PO1.Source_System_Code   = 'S'
     AND PO1.Active_DW_Ind = 'Y'
     AND PO1.PO_Status_Code NOT IN ('R', 'V')
     AND (PO1.Purchase_Order_Date BETWEEN
                       (Cast( (Cast ((Add_Months(Current_Date,-27)
                       (Format'yyyy-mm')) as Char(7)) || '-01') AS DATE))
                        and Current_Date)
     AND (trim(PO1.Purchasing_system_user_id) not in ('','0000000'))
     AND PO1.PO_Stat_Ind <> 'Y'
     AND FV.Order_Type_Code in ( 'A','B')
     AND PLB.Order_Type_Code in ('A','J')

Eric W. Barner

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