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Message Posted: Wed, 25 May 2005 @ 20:01:14 GMT

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Subj:   TPump Rate Change Problem
From:   Neil Board

We're trying to get Tpump to accept a change of rate command issued by using the TpumpUpdateSelect macro. When I execute this macro I can see on the sysadmin.tpumpstatustbl that the various columns have been changed, but there is no noticeable change to the speed at which the tpump job runs.

I need to mention a number of items here:

1) One of the columns which gets changed is RequestChange, immediately after running the macro this is set to 'y' (which is the value that I supplied to the macro), and a little while later it is changed to 'N' which is presumably Tpump updating the row. Given that this column has been changed again, this presumably means that my test job is not too short and that Tpump has had the opportunity to read the new rates.

2) My test job is loading @2000 rows and by itself takes about a minute to run. I have added a RATE clause in the BEGIN LOAD command and if I set that to 400 the script now runs in @5 minutes. This proves that Tpump is honouring any RATE clause that is entered into the script.

3) The BEGIN LOAD does NOT contain the NOMONITOR clause.

4) I am running the TTU 7.0 version of Tpump from a Windows PC (ver 1.2 according to the banner at the top of the log).

5) I cannot see any error/warning messages in the log which indicates that something is being ignored. I am not using a configuration file, the 'build defaults' are being used.

6) I noticed that before I run the macro the 'StmtsUnlimited' column = 'Y' and StmtsDesired = 0. This may not be wrong (it depends what Tpump does with this) but given that I had entered a RATE value of 400 in the script, I was expecting 'StmtsUnlimited' = 'N' and StmtsDesired = 400. Is this a clue as to what's going wrong ?

Has anyone successfully used this ability to dynamically change the statement rate ? If so what release of Tpump and platform were you using?

Grateful for any suggestions/thoughts on this,


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