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Message Posted: Tue, 08 Aug 2001 @ 03:32:56 GMT

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Subj:   Re: How compliant is TDRedux?
From:   Dean Arnold

While I suspect you're looking for user experience, I thought I ought to chime in with the limitations I'm currently aware of:

1) None of the javax.sql extensions are supported, except those that are provided by wrappers in javax.sql itself. (XA services seem very tempting, but thats a way off...)

2) I admittedly need to make a pass thru the JDBC spec with a fine tooth comb (esp. wrt DatabaseMetaData) to make sure I'm conformant...I based most of the coding effort on the javadocs (for convenience), and unfortunately they tend to be sketchy in some areas (esp. DatabaseMetaData). E.g., The getTables method should allow 'null' schema and table name pattern strings, and TdRedux expects actual wildcards (ie, '%') instead.

3) A few folks have asked about OS/390 support; currently, EBCDIC is creating problems that I'm trying to resolve. Other character sets would also pose a problem (eg, Kanji)

4) Multiple requests/session are not yet supported, tho I expect to add that (along w/ updatable cursors) as soon as I'm satisfied my Perl implementation is correct.

5) Reconnection (tho I don't know if either of the other solutions reliably supports that either...)

6) Performance seems good by most accounts (reported by others); better than both NCR's JDBC driver, and the JDBC-ODBC bridge.

7) Many unsupported methods, but (other than updatable cursors) most are DBMS issues (ie, dealing with BLOBs, CLOBs, or actual Java objects). See


for the current list.

8) I haven't yet tested it as an applet...I haven't heard any complaints about that yet, and I personally think running JDBC in an applet is like locking the doors, but leaving all the windows wide open, and posting a map to all your valuables...but I suppose its something on the TO DO list.

As to whether its Type IV...it is. Pure Java, no CLI or ODBC required. Just a reasonably compliant JDK 1.2 or better.


Dean Arnold

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