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Message Posted: Wed, 22 Mar 2001 @ 03:26:40 GMT

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Subj:   Re: NCR should allow fastexport delimiters
From:   Sam Mosley

Since the client tools support delimited vartext on input, they should also support vartext on output. Proper design can minimize impact to users who do not choose to use vartext on output. And in the end is performance the only criteria we use to judge a database? The point of data warehouses is to be able to get the data out in a usable format to add business value as needed.

Vartext has been a great savings to us on input files. Given the 2 gig. limit that still impacts NCR unix, anything that can save space on either input or output files is needed. I know - use NT to get around the 2 gig. limit. But that isn't always a good option (or necessarily an inexpensive one when you have one or more NCR unix nodes available and would have to spend real money to purchase another box for IT to support in order to have NT/2000 "name of the day"). Breaking up files into multiple pieces isn't a reliable option on output since you may not know just how big the file will be in advance, so where to break it? Besides, it's inconvenient to deal with multi-part files. It's been a long time concern that needs to be addressed. OLE-DB is fine for moderately sized data sets being passed between databases, but what if you are sending data to an outside mail vendor, or for other purposes? We will, hopefully, get past the 2 gig. limit when we get a 64 bit unix. We will not get past the fact that we will exchange data with other systems, that have come to rely on delimited files, any time soon. The Teradata is not the end of the line for the data, and we need to play in the big sandbox of open transfers to third party products/tools, etc. If I were still on the PAC I would vote for, and push priority of, a request for full delimited file support in all utilities. I would add to that the ability to use compressed and encrypted formats. Is any of your data going out over the internet? How about via dial-up users who could use all the compression they can get in order to move data to their laptop/work at home system? Is your data safe moving that way? But that's just my opinion. As mentioned previously, everyone has an opinion.

In fact, most of us have more than one depending upon the immediate circumstance impacting that opinion at the moment, and I've added a couple of subjects into the above that weren't in the original discussion thread, but I think we should all be pushing for more. The PAC is listened to, and does work hard to support usable new features/functions for the customer base. Support them any way you can, including by asking for what you really want.

Sam Mosley
VLDB Systems, Inc.

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