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Message Posted: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 @ 22:34:11 GMT

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Subj:   Admin Comment - This note is for NCR Subscribers
From:   Jay Selkie

Apparently there has been some changes to how NCR routes their e-mail (especially international addresses). As a result of those changes, several NCR members have been automatically deleted recently because of routing errors. If you know of somebody who was recently deleted, please let them know that they were deleted because their e-mail couldn't be routed to them and that they are invited to re- subscribe.

Most of the NCR people on the TDATA-L have signed-up using the e-mail format:


I've noticed that others have signed-up using the format:


The later form seems to be the actual e-mail address and the 'marge.simpson' is actually an alias.

There is a secondary issue in that only people who are members of the TDATA- L list can post to the list, so the e-mail address of your post must match the address you specified when subscribing. If you used your alias when subscribing, you haven't been able to post to the list.

I'll take your e-mail address from your note and change your subscription to that address. You'll receive a comfirmation that your subscription has been changed. FWIW: There are a lot of NCR members and it will probably take me some time to actually implement the changes.

In the body of your note to me, all you have to put is 'NCR change' so that I know that I have an address change to make. If you like, you might also want to give me an alternate e-mail address where I can send a note should I have trouble with your e-mail address.

If you are happy with how you subscribed, then you don't have to take any action.

If you should stop receiving posts from the TDATA-L list in the future, you might have been deleted because of routing problems. If this should happen, please re-subscribe. No one will ever be removed from the TDATA-L list without notification, unless there are routing errors (in that case, where would the note be sent?).

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