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Message Posted: Tue, 16 May 2000 @ 20:47:47 GMT

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Subj:   Admin Comment - Looking for new members
From:   Jay Selkie

I would like to encourage you to help find new members for the TDATA-L list. If you know of anybody who has an interest in Teradata (DBA, developer, user, contractor, old pro or beginner, student, the curious and just about anyone else), please forward this note to them.

The TDATA-L list is open to anyone with an interest in Teradata and membership to this list is at no cost to the subscriber. As long as it applies to the Teradata database, you can talk just about anything (but be sure to read the membership note that you'll receive when you subscribe, it sets some minimal restrictions).

You can ask questions or offer help. You can talk about new features, rumours or bugs. You can also simply read the posts as they occur. Whatever suits you.

TDATA-L is supported privately and is not associated with NCR. Membership to this discussion group will not be disclosed and the TDATA-L list will not be used for commercial purposes. Postings can be about any aspect of Teradata, but they must be non commercial - please: no diet or off-shore banking schemes. Teradata-related product recommendations are OK, just so long as they are recommendations.

NCR employees should use their internal e-mail address when they join. Due to the way that NCR has implemented their e-mail, a problem can beencountered when trying to post a note to the list. The following was extracted from a note that I distributed to the list and it pretty well describes the problem:

I recently received a note about a problem that one of our NCR members was having in posting to the TDATA-L list. They can receive postings sent from TDATA-L, but when they attempt to send a posting to the TDATA-L list their posting is rejected.

When mail is sent to NCR, their server is able to handle aliases. However, when e-mail is sent from NCR, their e-mail address has some kind of internal ID that consists of a couple of letters and then a bunch of numbers.

The postings to the TDATA-L discussion group are limited to its members, this is done primarily to limit SPAM from the outside world. Since NCR e-mail uses their own internal ID, the NCR people who subscribed to TDATA-L and used an alias are probably unable to send to the list.

There are two ways to subscribe to the TDATA-L: by e-mail or by the TDATA-L web page. An NCR person who subscribed by e-mail shouldn't have a problem since their address came with NCR's internal ID. Those who subscribed by the web page can specify an alias and it's probably these people who are having problems.

If you haven't already done so, you will have to request a password using the web page (which you will have to confirm by e-mail - similar to when you subscribed). Once your password has been confirmed, then you can logon using your alias and unsubscribe. You can then subscribe again using your NCR internal ID.

If you are a lurker, then you won't have to do anything until you want to post to the list.

This is probably a good time to remind people about another problem. If your e-mail provider has been been trouble delivering your mail (or you let your mail account get full) and you stop receiving postings from TDATA-L, you have probably been unsubscribed. Should this happen, please resubscribe.

What happens is that the LSoft server, which hosts the TDATA-L list, will continue to attempt to send you a posting which has not been successfully delivered. So if your e-mail provider has been having problems, you really shouldn't miss any postings. However, if the LSoft server can not successfully send you a posting after 5 days, then you are automatically deleted from the list. (Sorry, but I don't have any control over this).

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